Maghera Strand

They say women and children hid in the caves here these narrow slots where the cliffs tumble from heathered slopes into the sea. The entrances are not obvious, shadows on the rock face, mere crevices, only found at low tide or by boat. The mothers must have brought bread and potatoes and huddled in the … More Maghera Strand

Dispatches from Ireland: The Island being Swallowed by the Sea

The southeastern cliffs of Inis Meáin  August 17th, 2018 The ocean is moving towards the island. It does so not with vehemence but a mass of enormous tidal and wind-borne movement. All that water is moving with plant, plankton, and mammal inside of it. And though it is fluid and though the island is rock, … More Dispatches from Ireland: The Island being Swallowed by the Sea

Dispatches from Ireland: Autumn on Inis Meáin

Inis Meáin (Inishmann), the middle of the three Aran Islands. Seaborne, limestone humps at times within sight of the Cliffs of Moher  August 16th, 2018 Foam flies overhead lighter than dried leaves, balloon-like in a skewed slant that begins on the wind-driven tide. It’s August on Inis Meáin– Autumn says the woman in the blue floral … More Dispatches from Ireland: Autumn on Inis Meáin

Desert Retrospective

Ninth Day in Horseshoe Canyon March 30th, 2017 In a place of sandstone walls, boulders, perennial water and cottonwoods (they always smell to me like a mix of cut grass and spring water).   Life follows the trickle here: willows, toads, quick spiders the size of half-dollars, and cougars walking in pairs upstream.     … More Desert Retrospective

Circling Back

The road looks good at first. It’s a winding backroad through sagebrush and juniper in a valley that feels elevated, like you’re closer to the sky. It was recommended as an alternative route to take from Enterprise, Utah to Panaca, Nevada. Twelve miles in, the road turns to dirt. Fine with us, we’re used to … More Circling Back